Comic 1: Arrival

Hello and welcome to my webcomic! This is a random silly comic about Dan (the ponytail dude) trolling Gary (the non-ponytail guy) and getting trolled. This will also be about other people trolling the two of them, getting trolled, and eventually playing video games. Also, this will be full of memes, because memes rule!

In case you couldn't tell (since this was completely non-obvious), this was intended to be a parody of the finale of the 2016 expansion for the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft, namely the Legion expansion. In this finale—SPOILERS AHEAD, so skip to the final paragraph if you don't want 2018 WoW spoilers—Illidan and Sargeras get stuck with Illidan being Sargeras's jailer forever (except nothing is ever forever in WoW). This is sort of a vague, comedic look at what Illidan and Sargeras would have been up to, framed as a comic about two completely unrelated people in an identical situation. However, this should work just as well without the WoW subtext, and I honestly only rarely think about that, so feel free to look at this either way.

At any rate, enjoy the comic! This is required. ;P

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